The peculiar street flavors of Latin America, meat cooked on charcoal, and delicious cocktails are collected in one place for all lovers of entertainment. The Pio Gastro bistro bar is open to unique experiences thanks to its colorful decor, Latin American and Mediterranean street food tapas presentations and a mixological bar that add energy to your culinary ritual.

The name Pio, which means “tweet” in Spanish, describes a seductive taste that combines the cuisine of Latin America and the Mediterranean. Here you will get acquainted with new tastes and bright presentations of cocktails. After a variety of delicious snacks, you can try meats, burgers and sausages cooked over charcoal. In the mixological bar, where international culinary culture is complemented by colorful bar presentations, you can taste delicious cocktails  that combine various cooking methods, such as warming, boiling and cooking with aromatic salt.

To create the atmosphere of a new dimension, the walls of Pio are decorated with graffiti by Brazilian and Turkish artists. Visit Pio to discover new sensations and tastes, drink super cocktails and listen to good music.