Aksu-Kundu (Turkey) is located approximately 15 kilometers from Antalya (on the south side of the resort) and 25 kilometers from the local airport, downstream of the Aksu River. The shores are washed by the deep-sea Mediterranean.

The tourist zone is considered young; it began to develop in this direction quite recently. The "name" of the resort is derived from the name of the nearby village Kundu, which is famous for its beautiful carnations, and the river flowing here.

This area attracts travelers with high-class hotels, luxurious beaches, an abundance of greenery, flowers, fragrant eucalyptus and pine groves.

When the hotel developers came to Kundu, they correctly reasoned that in order for the settlement to compete on equal terms with Antalya and hundreds of other resorts on the Antalya coast, it must have its own "twist". Something unique that would attract and amaze even the most experienced and demanding tourists. Architecture was an ideal choice for that.

This is how a small "Las Vegas" appeared in Turkey. Not in terms of the fact that a gambling zone with casinos was set up in Kundu, but that local hotels were made in the form of reduced copies of the most famous buildings in the world.

It has its own Kremlin with St. Basil’s Cathedral, a copy of the Venetian palazzo and a full-size copy of Topkapi Palace. Kundu also offers its guests fresh air from the surrounding eucalyptus and pine forests, a wonderful sandy beach and the proximity of Antalya with all its benefits.