Muratpasa KALEİÇİ

The oldest part of Antalya is the ancient city of Kaleici. Initially, it was a Roman city, which later became Byzantine, and then passed to the Seljuk Turks, and, finally, to the Ottoman Empire.

Visitors to this city have the opportunity to learn the history that has come down to us in its original form. Looking around the labyrinths of narrow streets and the old architecture of houses in the city of Kaleici, you immerse yourself in the way of life, in the life of the generations of people who inhabited these lands centuries earlier. It is hard to believe that all of Antalya once housed within these walls.

The heart of Kaleici is the old port, which once glorified Antalya. It was restored quite recently. For more than two thousand years, it served a completely non-decorative function and this is evidenced by strong fortress walls that have survived to this day. The guns that gazed into the harbor remained intact. By the number of ships arriving, Antalya is the second port in Turkey, behind the first position of Mersin. Nowadays, the place is a magnificent estuary, and its marina is used for mooring boats, luxury yachts and boats, which conduct excursions in the surrounding area, amusing tourists coming here from all over the world.

Kaleici is surrounded and protected by the Old Roman harbor, which was once founded by the city of Antalya. Even in the period of the Roman Empire, there was access to rich plains, stretching east of the city to the southern slopes of the Taurus Mountains.

Walking along the land part of the walls, you can admire the diverse facades of houses. The local houses are built of stone, they have wooden floors. This combination of stone and wood makes the architecture of Kaleici unique and colorful.

There are several entrances to the city. The most convenient of them is Kalekapisi. The most picturesque and historically significant entrance is the gate of Hadrian. 

Modern Kaleici is one of the centers of tourism in Turkey, which has retained its original appearance. Even the local new buildings fit perfectly into the already existing architectural ensemble. On the territory of the ancient city today built many hotels and resorts, restaurants and shops. Here, energetic sellers invite to buy various decorations, souvenirs, furniture, beautiful handmade carpets. On the cliff there are several cozy cafes, with a magnificent view of the sea and mountains opening from them.