Belek is the best resort town in Turkey. It gained such significant popularity due to the huge number of sandy beaches located on its territory. The main attraction of the city is the national park "Canyon Caprulu". Surprisingly, this park occupies 500 hectares of land. Here you can enjoy the magnificent eucalyptus and cypress forests, as well as you will certainly get acquainted with a completely different animal world; you will see truly “paradise birds”, and only here you have a chance to see the huge turtles of the coach. 

The city has a very developed infrastructure; in addition, there is a modern hotel zone. Thus, this particular city is a unique place for recreation, which attracts a huge number of tourists. Every year the number of hotels, hotels, spas and other entertainment centers is growing.

For many tourists, Belek is associated exclusively with beaches and resort hotels, but the choice of interesting sights here is also huge. In the immediate vicinity of the city there is a unique archaeological area of ​​Perge, where the ancient theater was discovered. Through the efforts of modern researchers, this amphitheater was completely restored, at one time it could accommodate up to 12,000 spectators. During the excavations in this area, many interesting artifacts, which are more than 2,000 years old, were also discovered, and you can admire them in the Antalya Historical Museum.

The beautiful market Kadriye can also claim the title of an outstanding city landmark. Its tourists visit not only for the purchase of souvenirs and national food, but also for exploring the culture of the locals. Only in the market, walking through the colorful rows, you can fully appreciate the diversity of national culture and its originality. This market sells wonderful spices, colorful hand painted dishes, interesting handicrafts made of clay and wood, and very beautiful accessories and jewelery made from gems.

Lovers of natural attractions should definitely sign up for a tour of the Zeitin Tash cave, which is also located in the immediate vicinity of the resort. Now the cave is perfectly equipped for visits, there are special wooden bridges in it that allow you to admire the underground landscapes without harming them.

One of the main symbols of Belek is a mosque, which is located in the very center of the city and is a true example of local religious architecture. Tourists will enjoy not only the mosque itself, but also the surrounding landscape garden. It is equipped with several beautiful fountains with interesting stone compositions.